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Be A Macmillan Champion

MacmilLAn ChampioNs Prize Draw

Become a Macmillan Champion and support Macmillan Nurses and other vital services, with a regular donation. All our Macmillan Champions will be allocated five free chances, every month, to win cash prizes through our new and exciting Macmillan Champions Prize Draws.

Champions Draws are held on the last Friday of every month, when £2,000 will be up for grabs, with a second prize of £200, five prizes of £20 and 200 runner-up prizes of £10, but do watch out for special bonanza top prizes of £20,000 replacing our normal £2,000 1st prize throughout the year.

There has never been a better time to support Macmillan!

If you do not want to support Macmillian or help Macmillian Nurses help people affected by cancer, five free chances into the Macmillan Champions Prize Draw can be obtained by writing your name, full address, telephone number and e-mail address on a blank piece of paper and sending it to Macmillan Champions Prize Draw, PO Box 653, Galgate, Lancaster, LA2 0XB.